Lunes, Agosto 1, 2011

Importance of MATH for You and Me...


Me and my friends decided to have an overnight at
my house and then we plan to have a pizza delivery so that we have something to eat while watching movies and having fun and that's what happen we 
decided to have pizza delivery and when the pizza 
delivery came and everyone was so excited to eat because of hungriness we open the pizza and unfortunately the pizza in the box is not yet sliced and because everybody is hungry we decided to slice it into 6 and at that exactly time we realized that Fraction because is so Important because it help us  to define food property ...               

 * Proportion 

Once I visit to my uncle's house then suddenly 
saw him creating a plan or a sketch for 
making an Olympic Swimming Pool then suddenly he make mistake and I was shock because he just throw his work to the garbage bag then he repeat it all and begin to draw again, then I ask why you do that? then he answered " I forgot to make the 4 sides of the pool proportionally " then I asked... Why it's
Important to make it proportionally, then he said 
" To make it BALANCE " at that time I realized that
Proportion is Important to make all things Balance...

* Percentage 

Me and my Mom goes to Save More to buy Foods 
for my younger sister's birthday then suddenly I asked my mom to buy me Piattos ( Junk Food ) and then she asked... " Is this food is healthy for you? "
 then I answered.. " Well I dont Know " then she turn back the food to it's NUTRITION FACTS then I saw allot of different percentage, then I asked.." What is that? "then she answered... " That's the part of a Food Product where you can find the percentage of nutrients lie in one particular food products "... then I see different types of nutrients like calories, 
cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrate and many more at that time I knew that what if percentage does not exist how can we know the percentage of nutrients we can get in one food product... Percentage is so Important because it help us to know how nutritious and how bad the food we eat, percentage is also Important/useful in money currency ...

* Division 

Me and my Best Friend goes to" Laguna " so we can enjoy together and to have some fun because we really miss each other ... and I  remember my mom that before I live our house my mother asked to buy her a  " Buko Pie " so me and my friend went 
to buko pie's store and when were home we slice
 the pie and divide it by 5.... then suddenly I realized that what would happen to us if division does not discover how can we divide things equally?... 
So Division is so Important...


* Addition and Subtraction 

Once while my Mom is cooking for our lunch then suddenly my mom asked me to buy
 Pepper, Salt, Oil and Vinegar  then she gave me 100 pesos and I go to " Aling Nena's Store " then I buy the condiments I asked me to buy... I buy Pepper worth 3 pesos,  Salt cost 6 pesos, Vinegar
 worth 12 pesos and  Oil cost 25 pesos and after a second Aling nena gave my change which is 
54 pesos.. then I add ( 3 + 6 + 12 + 25 ) as a total of 46 and after that i Subtract 46 to 100 and the answer is 54 so it means my change is right and at that very time I knew 
that Addition and Subtraction is so Important, it is the first thing we must learn because we use it everyday in our daily lives...

                                                       THANK YOU.... 

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